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IMG_1067“Just go for a consult and you’ll be convinced that this is the place for you. Dr. Cawthon and staff sell themselves. They really do not need help from me… they are that good. They want their work to shine and be satisfying to the patient and themselves as professionals.”
Donna, QuickLift® Patient

“After 15 years of Amateur Boxing and two broken noses I decided to get some help. I consulted two ENT’s in Orlando where I lived.  They both said there is nothing they could do.  I gave up until my daughter brought me to see Dr. Cawthon.  He told me he could fix it, I consented and what a difference it made.  He gave me back the ability to breathe freely again.  It fixed the appearance which I thought could not be possible, He is truly a genius.  If you are browsing this site, and you need help, please visit Dr. Cawthon.  You will be so happy you did.”

Terry, Rhinoplasty Patient
“The moment I walk in the door – whether it’s some “touch up”, or just to pick up some product, I always feel so relaxed. Warm and professional service is the name of the game at RRFP. I can’t recommend this practice enough.”
Kris, SkinMedica, Botox® & Juvederm® Patient

“I have been a patient of Dr. Cawthon’s for several years.  I scheduled an appointment to address nasal congestion and difficulty breathing.  During the consult, he explained the problem using the results of the CT scan.  My septum was deviated.  Dr. Cawthon suggested a Functional Rhinoplasty.  During the consult he was very thorough explaining the surgical plan.  The surgery went great.  The results were better than I expected.  I had minimal swelling, bruising or pain.  I am beyond pleased with the excellent care I received before, during and after my procedure.  Dr. Cawthon is professional, compassionate and highly skilled at Rhinoplasty procedures.  My result was so favorable, he has performed Rhinoplasty on my sister and dad.”

Laura, Rhinoplasty Patient
IMG_1016“From my very first visit I felt the warmth from the staff – which made all the difference in the world when I decided to have the QuickLift® procedure with Dr. Cawthon. Knowing full well that Dr. Cawthon was extremely capable, having a warm and loving staff to lead me through my journey was irreplaceable. Just walk in for your consultation and you’ll be hooked.”
Tommy, QuickLift® Patient