For comprehensive treatments for acne-prone skin, you need SkinMedica’s ™ Acne System.

acne-system_detailWhether it be adult acne, teen acne, or just a hormonal breakout, so many of us deal with blemishes.
Acne is caused by:

• oil production,
• bacteria on the surface of the skin,
• stress
• hormones

Here is a solution to all of those acne problems: don’t wait until you have scaring from those breakouts to do something about it. Get started on the SkinMedica™ Acne System ASAP.

This three-piece set of high-quality, serious skin care products effectively treats acne-prone skin while it helps prevent future breakouts. A cleanser, toner and treatment lotion remove buildup from the skin and deposit concentrated acne-fighting ingredients into deepest layers of your epidermis for a healthy, clear complexion.

SkinMedica™ Acne System is designed with fast-acting ingredients to help promote and maintain healthy, clear skin. The foaming cleanser contains salicylic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and remove impurities that can clog pores and cause breakouts. With a potent blend of ingredients, the purifying toner helps control breakouts and invigorates skin for a cooling, refreshing feeling – ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR WIPING DOWN YOUR FACE AFTER THAT TRIP TO THE GYM. The treatment lotion is formulated with advanced benzoyl peroxide to eliminate oil and bacteria that cause acne breakouts. Each product also calms and soothes the complexion for a clean, healthy appearance.

This kit contains:

Purifying Foaming Wash (5 oz)
Purifying Toner (6 oz)
Acne Treatment Lotion (2 oz).

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Amy Bierly
Medical Aesthetician/Director of Radiant Skin Medspa