Super at 70

If you are in your 70s – let me state you are lucky to be here! In your lifetime some wonderful things have occurred and you took part in them, whether they were good or bad. The most important things in life are now quite obvious to you and with this direction in mind, let [...]

Beat Acne

For comprehensive treatments for acne-prone skin, you need SkinMedica's ™ Acne System. Whether it be adult acne, teen acne, or just a hormonal breakout, so many of us deal with blemishes. Acne is caused by: • oil production, • bacteria on the surface of the skin, • stress • hormones Here is a solution to [...]

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DermaPen ™ vs. Dermal Rollers

Micro Needling procedures date back to the Shang Dynasty with the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture. Utilizing needles purely for cosmetic application did not reach full development until 1995. In 2010, Australian medical developer, Stene Marshall, revolutionized modern skin needling with the evolution and engineering of the world’s first skin needling DermaPen ™. Dermapen ™ [...]

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Sunscreen Secrets

Applying sunscreen once a day? Sunscreen will protect your skin for two hours — that’s it. If you want coverage until sundown, you have to reapply. Use sunscreen powders (like Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 50) to stay protected all day without disrupting your makeup. Sunscreen can protect your skin against skin cancer [...]

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Dermapen vs. Laser

What is Dermapen™ and how is it different than other skin treatments? Using sterile surgical stainless micro-needles, the skin is pierced which leads to apoptosis of cells in the dermis, which is our deeper layer of skin. Apoptosis occurs when a cell essentially commits suicide. This process is natural, controlled and ROUTINE. Little inflammation is [...]

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Aren’t I Too Old for Acne?

Combination of wrinkles and breakouts? When adults are breaking out, they automatically turn to harsh acne products to help with their breakouts, but they also need to cater to skin that is showing the signs of aging. There is a way to address both the breakout problems and to keep the skin nourished and healthy [...]

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