Micro Needling procedures date back to the Shang Dynasty with the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture. Utilizing needles purely for cosmetic application did not reach full development until 1995. In 2010, Australian medical developer, Stene Marshall, revolutionized modern skin needling with the evolution and engineering of the world’s first skin needling DermaPen ™. Dermapen ™ has been extensively researched over 5 years and is also known as PCI, (Percutaneous Collagen Induction), CIT,(Collagen Induction Therapy) SRT (Scar Rejuvenation Therapy) and micro needling.

There are 3 major cell groups, the hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. These groups are directly and indirectly targeted by DermaPen™. The epidermis and dermis are the key skin layers to be targeted by a DermaPen ™ clinical treatment.

DermaPen ™ treatments cause an inflammatory and wound healing response. The wound healing response is the biological repair action that cascades within the skin after chronic or deeper micro trauma. DermaPen’s ™ non-thermolytic and non-ablative technology ensures controlled wound healing stimulated fibroblast division and the deposition of tightly woven collagen fibers.
DermaPen ™ can treat all skin types. Treatment and recovery can span 2 – 3 days with potential slight dryness on day 3 however full recovery by day 4. We advise clients to refrain from direct ultraviolet exposure for atleast 2 days post procedure. Also refrain from intensive cardio exercise, retinols, saunas, self tanning and swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean.

At the time of treatment a topical anesthetic cream is applied for maximum comfort. The procedure is easily tolerated and produces great results in a treatment series of 4 treatments. Purchasing a package of 4 treatments will yield greater savings and also include a FREE TNS Recovery Complex for post treatment application.