What is Dermapen™ and how is it different than other skin treatments? Using sterile surgical stainless micro-needles, the skin is pierced which leads to apoptosis of cells in the dermis, which is our deeper layer of skin. Apoptosis occurs when a cell essentially commits suicide. This process is natural, controlled and ROUTINE. Little inflammation is caused. Other thermal lasers, such as Fraxel use light-thermal conversion in the dermis (that same deeper layer) resulting in ablation (or burning) and coagulation (cooking) of the proteins leading to necrosis of cells. Necrosis occurs when a cell is TRAUMATIZED by an external force. When a cell dies from necrosis, the process is UNNATURAL, disruptive and inflammation occurs. Necrosis can cause additional harm and injury throughout the body.

Dermapen™ uses eleven, 33-gauge micro needles to stimulate the dermis. Needles vertically pierce the skin resulting in anti-aging and rejuvenating the skin. Small holes are punctured at a rate of 1000 per second. This process alerts the tissue to release growth factors (which stimulate COLLAGEN). A laser on the other hand, “drills holes” in the skin to create a wound healing response. This leaves room for normal tissue to essentially migrate into those holes.

With a Dermapen™ treatment, you are looking at about 24 hours of redness and can return to normal activities within 48 hours. With laser you are looking at more intense redness and swelling for closer to 96 hours. When using laser light therapy, some of the darker skin types are not able to be treated due to the possibility of burning of the skin and leaving post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. With Dermapen ™, because no light energy is used, this treatment is perfect for all skin types, no matter the color.

If you are dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, tattoo removal, or just want to improve the overall quality of the skin, look into finding a Medical grade skin spa like Radiant Skin at River Region Facial Plastics, in Montgomery, Alabama, for your treatment!

Live Beautifully,
Amy Bierly, Medical Aesthetician