While you are shopping around for skin care products that have proven science behind them, you are going to run into the SkinMedica® line. SkinMedica® is medical grade skin care not sold in department stores; however, these products are dispensed by very select licensed physicians. SkinMedica® has an unprecedented reputation for standing true to research-based science and clinical experience.

Founder, Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, is a world-renowned dermatologist whose body of work in dermatology during the past 30 years earned him special recognition by many popular media sources such as Allure magazine, New Beauty magazine and even the Today Show, which referred to him as a “beauty industry visionary” and one of the world’s doctors who has “most influenced the world of beauty products.” Dr. Fitzpatrick discovered the science of growth factors, which are comprised of 93.6% human fibroblasts.

TNS_Eye_Repair05ozAlthough SkinMedica® offers a full line of facial care products, our focus for this article will be on those that are for eye enhancement.

SkinMedica® has two treatment creams, all which work by a patented, unique combination of ingredients that improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines, improve the texture and tone of your skin, in addition to smoothing and brightening the eye area.

TNS Eye Repair® – improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces dark circles, replenishes skin

TNS_Illuminating_Eye_Cream_5ozTNS Illuminating Eye Cream® – reduces the appearance of dark circles, improves skin firmness

Unlike most other eye creams, SkinMedia® use a very advanced formula… “Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media.” If you come across the word “TNS” in any of SkinMedica’s products, it refers to this conditioned media (Tissue Nutrient Solution).

While some products claim to have this science in their products, no other product to date has as high of a percentage of human growth factor. These cells come from human tissue.
Some skin creams only use the conditioned media, not the cells themselves.

The compound mimics this human growth tissue stabilizes and regenerates skin – simply reverse the signs of aging. It replicates what our skin does naturally at a younger age – greater regeneration and rejuvenation capabilities.

This has been used to treat burn victims for over a decade, helping them regrow their skin. So it isn’t some expensive marketing gimmick or unethical Frankenstein ingredient.

The SkinMedica® eye creams are safe for all skin types. Applying twice a day is of greatest benefit. We recommend using the back of your hand as a palate so that application to the face is smooth and even.

Apply eye creams around the eye avoid the eyelid. Results are achieved after consistent 90-day application. Pick one or use a combination of both and you are sure to see results.

Prices vary between $85 and $95 with supplies lasting 3 – 4 months.

Considering the gain, the investment is quite minimal. A word of caution, the level of quality in physician grade skin care cannot be found in department store cosmetic counters and department store creams can cost twice as much.

Caring for your skin should be partnered with an educated aesthetician or registered nurse specifically trained in skin care.

Finally, less is best. Your skin can only absorb so much over a period of time. Applying a thin layer of products, makeup, and sunscreen with frequent reapplication is a good rule of thumb.