Wallene PrudamesEducation: University of Illinois, Bachelor of Arts
Certifications: GRI, ABR, Associate Broker

My years of experience in the skin care and cosmetic industry span a great number of years. Starting with working with such prestigious cosmetic companies as Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Marcella Borghese, Lazlo, Chanel, Prescriptives, serving as training director for makeup artists for a large agency in Atlanta, in-house makeup artist at Neiman Marcus, and Regional Artist for Lancôme Cosmetics, my main interest eventually went to the way skin works and how to best care for it. I was able to obtain my aestheticians license in the state of Georgia and ultimately traveled the southeast promoting skin care lines.

Upon moving to Montgomery, I became active as a Real Estate Agent and spent 15 years helping my clients buy and sell houses and helping and working with other agents. I was able to obtain my Broker’s License, and became active in the Real Estate Board on several committees.

By an unbelievable twist of events, an opportunity arose to return to my first love, skin care and cosmetics, and for the last 8 years I have been active working with doctors in the facial restoration business. It has been my great fortune to end up at RRFP, working with two of the finest facial cosmetic and reconstructive doctors. We have an incredibly professional staff, and my favorite thing about working here is the loving care each patient receives and the really great boost given our clients by the work being done here. You can’t help but smile!!!

Free time is blessed by the presence of three of the most beautiful females on earth – my grandchildren (all little ladies). We have had lovely trips together, do great cooking and crafts, plan family reunions with themes like “dress like your favorite cartoon character”, or pretend you are in the Great Gatsby – we water ski, love the beach, love the lake, snow ski, – well, my beautiful family is my best free time thing to do (that does include daughter, son, sisters, brother, etc.,) I love to travel and have had great opportunities to do so, love working out at the “Y”, reading, walking my wonderful dog CoCo, and fixing up my house.

My favorite beauty secret: Always use a retinol product to keep cell renewal active and – I absolutely LOVE lipstick. I cannot go anywhere without it!  A SkinMedica® must have is the Dermal Repair Cream.