Busy, hectic lifestyles often do not allow for scheduled downtime when thinking of facial rejuvenation. So many advances have been created to provide non-surgical services with little or no downtime to assist with maintaining a more youthful appearance.

In a recent study performed by our physicians, the time it took to administer 2 syringes of filler into the nasolabial folds was 3 minutes 17 seconds.  This painless procedure delivers fantastic results with no downtime and no bruising.

Often facial aging is a result of volume depletion over time. Volume loss in the fat compartments of the face results in sagging, loose skin. Several factors, in addition to volume loss, attribute to sagging skin and wrinkles – such as genetics, ethnicity and lifestyle.

At River Region Facial Plastics we offer the very best most advanced non-surgical services treatments and techniques.  Visit our Before and After Gallery and take a look a facial volumizer B and A’s.  We use different products to achieve these results such as Voluma, and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC to name a few.  We take the worry off of the client as to which product is best to reach their desired results.

Personalized care is not a privilege, but an expectation. Your customized skin care routine will help correct skin problems, as well as maintain a youthful glow. Our mission is to encompass aesthetic treatments that are results-oriented in a safe and comfortable environment. You can expect privacy in a relaxing atmosphere, while we help you to achieve healthier skin and regain a more youthful appearance. We offer both preventative and restorative spa treatments.

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