Dermapen® is the most natural and holistic treatment to enhance the appearance of your skin without the need for invasive surgery. The fractional micro-needling treatment has an aerating effect on targeted areas of skin, helping to stimulate collagen production and prompt the skin to rejuvenate itself.

This treatment is safely performed by our medical aesthetician, and usually requires a series of four treatments one month apart. Immediately following the procedure TNS Recovery Complex (Growth Factor) will be applied every four hours until bedtime.

By aerating the skin with the micro-needles the stimulating growth factor can penetrate deeper into the skin to support new collagen growth. There is significant data to support improvement of acne scarring, stretch marks and overall improvement of skin texture.

Some things to know if you are considering introducing Dermapen® into your anti-aging arsenal:

Pre Treatment:

• Discontinue use of Vitamin A 72 hours prior to treatment (Retinol, Retin-A products)
• No Accutane treatments 6 months prior to treatment
• No Prolonged sun exposure or sun burns to the treatment area 24 hours prior to treatment
• Skin should be make up free
• Active (acne/herpes) break outs will be evaluated on a case by case basis

Post Treatment:

• Apply Growth Factor every 4 hours until bedtime post treatment
• Discontinue all skin care except for basic cleanser for 48 hours.
• Limit sun exposure for one week post treatment
• Begin retinol in 48 hours
• Alcohol based toners are to be avoided for at least 10 days post treatment, up to 14 days post treatment