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BOOM!2016 August"Beauty Profile: I Can't Believe My Eyes"Client Spotlight
BOOM!2016 July"Beauty Buzz: Special Occasion Ready"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2016 June"GTKY: Getting to Know You: Michela King"Q&A
BOOM!2016 May"Beauty Buzz: Three Beauty Treatments in 30 Minutes or Less"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2016 April"Beauty Buzz: What to Do About Those Dark CirclesRRFP Blog
BOOM!2016 March"Beauty Buzz: What we LOVE Right Now at RRFP:RRFP Blog
BOOM!2016 February"Beauty Buzz: What We LOVE Right Now at RRFP"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2016 January"Morning and Nighttime Skin Care Questions"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2015 November"Pop Off the New Year with New Peepers"RRFP Blog
BOOM! 2015 October"Super at 70"Wallene Prudames
BOOM!2015 September"More About Kybella - Exciting New Treatment for Double Chin"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2015 August"Exciting New Treatment for Double Chin"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2015 July"RRFP Beauty Buzz: Botox, Latisse, Eye Cream"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2015 June"RRFP Beauty Buzz: Injectables, Peels, Sunscreen"RRFP Blog
BOOM!2015 May"It's All About May-ntenance"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2015 April"Preparing for Social Summer Months"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2015 March"Let's Talk About Lips: Pucker Up!"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2015 February"The Art of Rhinoplasty"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2015 January"A Question & Answer Session with Dr. Michael Bowman"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2014 December"Why MEN Should Consider Facial Enhancement"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 November"One, Two, Three"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2014 October"Micro Needling"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 September"Who Would You Trust With Your Face?"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2014 August"The Lasting Solution for Wrinkle Correction"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 July"How to Beat the Summer Heat"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 June"A Refreshed Look for Shirley Esco"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 May"Your Customized Beauty Plan"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2014 April"What Does GRASS Have to do with Facial Appearance?"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 March"The Yin & Yang of Facial Aging"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2014 February"What's New for Valentine's Day?"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2014 January"What is Beauty?"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2013 December"It Doesn't Have To Hurt!"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2013 November"Replacing Volume Loss from Facial Aging"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2013 October"QuickLift FAQ"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2013 September"The Aging Face"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2013 August"The Eyes Have It"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2013 July"The Nose"Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon, MD
BOOM!2013 June"Ultherapy"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD
BOOM!2013 May"Your Virtual Consultation"Dr. Michael Bowman, MD