So I Hear You Can’t Get Into Heaven Without a Retinol

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Does everyone even know what a retinol is? Okay, so here’s the breakdown: retinol is a type of vitamin A that promotes cellular turnover. What is cellular turnover, you ask? That’s the rate that your skin sheds dead cells. The older we get, the slower that process happens. If your skin isn’t turning over dead [...]

Super at 70

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If you are in your 70s – let me state you are lucky to be here! In your lifetime some wonderful things have occurred and you took part in them, whether they were good or bad. The most important things in life are now quite obvious to you and with this direction in mind, let [...]

Don’t Forget Your Eye Cream!

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While you are shopping around for skin care products that have proven science behind them, you are going to run into the SkinMedica® line. SkinMedica® is medical grade skin care not sold in department stores; however, these products are dispensed by very select licensed physicians. SkinMedica® has an unprecedented reputation for standing true to research-based [...]

My Face in my 20s

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While in my 20’s the last thing I was thinking about is Botox and anti-aging treatments. I have always thought only “older” women get Botox. I have had a long wrinkle across my forehead for as long as I can remember. When I started interning for RRFP I realized you are never too young to [...]