Am I just going crazy or does it seem like a new wrinkle shows up on my face on a weekly, if not daily basis these days? Whatever happened to being able to just jump in bed with my makeup on, or wash my face with whatever is in arms reach, or fry in the sun for as long as I want, without a single care in the world ;)??? All of a sudden, I’m seeing random freckles everywhere on my body, my new best friend is Botox, and chemical peels have become a necessary monthly requirement. Oh crap, getting by with my good genes and personality just ain’t cutting it anymore…blast!!! Im not kidding when I say that the day I turned 30, a voice went off in my head that said, “you better quit messing around and really start trying, girlfriend! Your age is starting to really show!!” So, that sounded simple enough, right? Problem is, THIS TAKES TIME AND EFFORT, both of which are sometimes impossible for me to find!!

TNS_Essential_Serum_1oz-SMALLWell my friends, if you can believe it or not, I’ve actually found the solution! In two words, SkinMedica Essential Serum, aka the bomb-dot-com. This stuff won the award for the best anti-aging serum for the last two years, and it has just about everything you need in one pretty bottle! Now I’m not saying that we all couldn’t use a little more “stuff” on our skin…sunscreen; but for those days where if all you had time for was one, this would be most definitely be the one. Check out all the goodies that are in this stuff:

-93.6% Growth Factor (the leading competitor in growth factor products has less than 1%)-we are talking reduction of core wrinkles by 44%

-7 different antioxidants(antioxidants protect our collagen and elastin from breaking down)

-3 peptides(immediate plumpers) -bye-bye pesky fine lines

-Alpha Arbutin (helps reduce redness and breakdown brown spots, before they show up on the surface of our skin)

-Hyaluranic acid (naturally plumps for that instant gratification)…yay!!

None of us should be without this liquid gold and the sooner you start using it on your face and neck, the better off your skin will be. We are talking big results here, so as I end this message, until next time, I want everyone to repeat after me: SkinMedica Essential Serum!