2012-07-27 10.28.10Facials are great for anyone that is age 12 or older. Teenagers, especially, have trouble with their skin being too oily, too dry, breaking out, or all of these at the same time. Parents try to give advice, but what usually ends up happening is either the teens won’t listen to them, or the advice is incorrect. Beginning regular facial treatments early in life can help sort through the myths and facts of the right way to care for skin.

Leave facial treatments to the experts!
Aestheticians are the skin experts. They do this for a living, so they know how to diagnose and treat the root causes of skin problems. Once you find an aesthetician you like, stay loyal. He or she will get to know you and your skin, making it much easier to treat your specific skin care concerns as they arise over time (and you’ll feel much more comfortable talking about any problems that come up). Your aesthetician can also recommend products and treatments to do at home.

Remember: professional tools = professional results!
Please don’t think that you can self diagnose and self treat at home. I have seen more self induced injuries from someone trying to avoid having to pay for a facial treatment that winds up costing a ton more than that treatment in order to fix the problem they have caused. No amount of face scrub is going to equal the exfoliating power of a professional chemical peel. I know this because of my own chicken pox and acne scars, which survived decades of exfoliation, that are all but gone after just two years of peels. There are many different types of facial treatments, so leave it up to your skin care expert to advise you on the best treatment for YOUR skin. Also, keep in mind that other spa tools, like the steam generators, extractors, and blades that pros use to loosen up clogged pores, are more powerful than at-home versions. Spa-quality skin care products are made with higher concentrations of active ingredients that penetrate deeper and work better than anything you can buy over the counter.

Do yourself a favor! Don’t wait until you have a problem to do something for your skin. It’s all about maintenance and prevention!! Call and make your appointment today… don’t wait!!!