We are all too familiar with the click of the iPhone photo that requires immediate review… keep or delete? Keep and post? Don’t forget to tag me!

Patients report just wanting to look better in selfies and social media. Of course, the psychology behind the “selfie” has been under debate for some time. Looking great in any forum is not a new concept. We dress to attend social functions, religious functions, medical appointments, many women even spruce up with a concealer and mascara just to run to the grocery store.

The Top 3 most requested and performed surgical facial treatments among women are:

• Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
• Facelift
• Blepharoplasty (Eye lid and/or eye bag surgery)

(*source Facial Plastic Times May/June 2015 p 16)

Being self-aware of our appearance isn’t new it just has a new name and greater accessibility to social media peer groups.

Facial treatments are on the rise mainly due to people being more open to discussing or admitting they are getting a little help with their appearance. Just like wearing makeup, more women are doing it, which is counteracting the negative stereotypes from years past. Facial procedures are designed to soften not stiffen appearance. The tiny needle is the new knife.

Keep in mind less is more. With options such as Botox ® Cosmetic, Restylane Silk®, Juvederm®, and Juvederm® Voluma XC treating fine lines, wrinkles and heavy folds no longer require a trip to the operating room. These products are a quick easy no downtime answer to refreshing the face and can push the need for surgery further down the road.

The power of physician grade skin care combined with treatments performed by a medical aesthetician, such as no downtime light chemical peels, can transform dull ruddy skin into a youthful glow.

Botox, Upper Lid Blepharoplasty and Latisse: Before & After

(After = One week post op.)